Our purpose, priorities and values

The Council’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for the people of Poole. This is supported by focusing on Poole as a place.

In this our purpose is to shape and sustain Poole as a great place to live, work, learn, play and do business.

The top priority for our new Strategic Director will be leading the Council’s work to regenerate Poole town centre and Hamworthy - where there are the greatest opportunities and challenges.

This will be supported by the development of strategies and plans to support a successful community, the attraction of investment that improves Poole, and looking after the natural and built environment.

Our core values are:

  • We put our residents at the heart of everything we do
  • We have a can-do attitude
  • We work in a joined-up way with communities, businesses, partners  and other service units
  • We make sure that Poole gets value for money results within budget
  • We are empowered to use and develop our skills and learn from our experiences

Our team

Our Senior Management Team comprises of Andrew Flockhart, Jan Thurgood and Kevin McErlane. Our work is structured into Themes - People, Place and Business Improvement. We work well together and look forward to being joined by a new Director who shares our team ethos.

Andrew Flockhart is Interim Chief Executive and leads the Place and Business Improvement Themes in his role as Director. This includes supporting all members in their work to improve the quality of life for the people of Poole and leading work with members, partners and Heads of Service on placing shaping and regeneration.

Jan Thurgood is Strategic Director of the People Theme including Chief Executive for this Theme. This includes leading work with members, partners and Heads of Service on health and social care for adults, children’s social care and education, housing and cultural and community learning services.

Kevin McErlane is Strategic Director for Special Projects. This is a temporary appointment until March 2015. Kevin leads work with members, partners and Heads of Service on Commercialisation, Human Resources and ICT & Customer Support. He retains his Service Unit Head responsibilities for Cultural and Community Learning Services.

We have thirteen Heads of Service who are responsible for the delivery of services and for contributing to the Council’s corporate work in achieving its purpose.

About the Council

The Borough of Poole is a high performing Unitary Council. Public satisfaction with the Council is amongst the highest in the country. With the lowest Council Tax in Dorset and the third lowest funding for any Unitary Council nationally it delivers value for money across all services. We are a “can do” organisation.

The Council is in no overall control. It’s led by a Conservative administration and operates a Leader & Cabinet model of governance. The Council operates six Overview & Scrutiny Committees and two Regulatory Committees - planning and licensing.

The Council has 42 Councillors - 19 Conservatives, 18 Lib Dems, 4 Poole People Party and 1 UKIP.

Why Poole

  • Poole - proud of its environment and its heritage

Poole history as a port and a town dates back more than a thousand years. The old town and quayside has a unique character nestling by the second largest harbour in the world. Bounded by unique and glorious heath lands Poole is in a very beautiful place.

  • Poole - one of the best places to work

Poole has a decent claim to be one of the best places to work nationally. In a recent survey Poole is judged to have established itself as a hotspot for business and retail investment sparking plans for regeneration and creating an excellent balance of work and leisure possibilities.

  • Poole - a place  fuelled by talent

Poole is home to some of the most creative organisations and people in the country - from the Arts University of Bournemouth’s brilliant art students, to the University of Bournemouth’s world class media school, and the south coast’s biggest and most successful arts centre - the Lighthouse - home to the internationally acclaimed Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO)

  • Poole - a place that works together

The power of collaboration is behind some of Poole’s biggest achievements. From the iconic Twin Sails lifting bridge created in partnership with land owners and Poole Harbour Commissioners to new homes created in partnerships with housing associations and private developers - people and businesses are working together with enthusiasm to make Poole a better place.

Collaboration with our neighbouring authorities and the Dorset Enterprise Partnership and our Universities promotes growth and protects our wonderful open spaces, beaches and wildlife areas. Innovative joint work is at the heart of our relationship with the NHS - always striving to provide better services.

Poole was created by people working together to create a vibrant town in a unique environment - that spirit continues now.

  • Poole - a place with an appetite for improvement

Poole is not afraid to take on a challenge - major retail, leisure and high-tech business hubs and the creation of the iconic Twin Sails lifting bridge show what a determined place Poole is.

But people come to Poole for more than its achievements, talented people, heritage, arts, beaches or restaurants - it’s the life affirming energy you get from being here.

There’s a feeling in Poole that making this an even better place to live, work, learn, play and do business is possible - providing a fertile environment for your ambitions, inspired thoughts and enterprising ideas to develop and grow.

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